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GUEST OF HONOR: Prof. Joyce Ndalichako (MP), Minister of Education, Science and Technology

THEME: Health research and innovation for sustainable economic development

The theme was built through a consensus process initiated by the Organizing Committee and later blessed by the University management. The theme will stress on innovation and how research at MUHAS/ Tanzania can use the data collected and research conducted to foster innovation. Moreover, it swings around the globally accepted and endorsed SDGs, while putting an emphasis on the country’s ambitious plan in reaching the middle-income economic level by 2020.

To achieve this, the scientific community ought to use research arena and data emanating from their own research and patients’ care to:

  1. improve patients care in their own settings
  2. innovate potential locally tested and scientifically proven solutions to improve lives of people
  3. disseminate the evidence-based interventions to other health care settings and the community
  4. to use data and research findings inform policy and guidance to improve health and lives of the people and
  5. to tie health and development in sustainable economic development

In line with the theme and specific aims of the conference, this year’s conference will draw senior implementing partners working directly with patients and communities. The choice of panel and individuals for panel discussions, and keynote will all geared to this specific goal.

Noting the need for cross-cutting issues but yet specific national issues of importance, the conference will for the first time introduce satellite sessions. These sessions aim to bring together people of similar goals aiming to address common public health challenges. These sessions will also attract new partners who may sponsor the events but also strengthen the ties with different government directorates and departments.

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